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Our Story

The smallest details can make a real impact when it comes to designing a space, but only a true professional knows how to bring these details together to create a seamless design. That’s where Holdt House comes in. As a renowned Interior Designer in New York, they are experts in creating interiors that impress.  Get in touch to find out what they can do for your design project.

Our Team

Our diverse team is made up of skilled designers and a vetted team of contractors, furniture vendors, media consultations and other experts in the field. Our collaborative approach draws on the team’s diverse skills and expertise.

Services + Pricing

Full-Service Design

Our Full-Service Design package includes tailored project management from initial conception to installation and magazine-worthy finishes. We specify every detail of your project and work with vendors to bring your designs to life.


Our Full-Service Design package is broken down into three phases: Design, Project Management and Installation


Product Selection

You don't have to have a Full-Service package to get advice from our design team. We work with hundreds of top vendors in order to present you with a large scope of furnishing options. 


Hourly Rate


Our Studio is based in Clayton, NY but we are able to complete designs all over the United States. Through our intuitive 3D rendering programs, we showcase real-time designs with clients - even if they aren't close to our headquarters.


Our E-Design package is broken down into three phases: Design, Project Management and Installation.

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